Mobile Search - BlackBerry® smartphone application



We know you are on the go and can't always get to information you want. So MERLOT has partnered with Research in Motion (RIM), makers of BlackBerry® smartphones, to provide you with a convenient tool, MERLOT Mobile Search. Access MERLOT Mobile Search virtually anywhere you take your mobile phone. Search and find learning materials in MERLOT and email them to yourself or to a colleague. All this delivered in a simple interface that makes it easy to search MERLOT when you are away from your computer.

Can I have the MERLOT Mobile Search application link sent to my BlackBerry® smartphone?

Yes. Enter your email address below and click on the submit button. We will send the link for the MERLOT Mobile Search application to your phone for you to download and install*. Once installed, click on the icon to start using MERLOT Mobile Search on your device.

How do I download MERLOT Mobile Search from the BlackBerry® Browser?

  1. From your BlackBerry Web browser** type in
  2. Follow the prompts to download and install MERLOT Mobile Search.
  3. From the desktop on your device, select the MERLOT icon and enter your search criteria.

Is there a cost for MERLOT Mobile Search?

No. MERLOT Mobile Search is free. We encourage you to share the link with others.

*Depending on how your System administrator set up your device, you may be required to enter a password to download an application. See your System Administrator for further information. This password is not required by MERLOT.

**Requirements: Although the service is free from MERLOT, a data plan from your carrier to browse the web may be required. Carrier changes may apply.

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